AlohaCare e malama na po’e

Aloha mai e na Ohana,

   Please believe us when we say, “Aloha is here to stay and Aloha is about caring!”  Firmly rooted in our community of Waimanalo, AlohaCare has touched the lives and hearts of an entire culture, and many generations of our community. From the elderly, to our babies, they have touched hearts and souls with their Aloha.  We are a witness to this growing ‘Ohana and fellowship with AlohaCare in many projects and solutions involving our communities health and wellness.  Here to stay and never to stray, is a commitment that is often taken loosely. AlohaCare has made Pa’a that commitment with our community, not with promises, but with long term health care initiatives, that will live on for generations. For Ho’olu’a and all that we do, there is no substitute for Care that is firmly supported with Aloha. The below statement has been authorized for release by Ho’olu’a into our social media network…Mahalo a me e holomua kakou.

“At AlohaCare, we recognize the impact that social media has made on our community. AlohaCare has joined Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to better communicate with our members, partner organizations and the public. We invite you to join us on our social media journey. If you already have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we encourage you to “follow” us on twitter, “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Instagram. These social media platforms will allow us to quickly provide you with news, updates and various health information/tips.”

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Makahiki Waimanalo 2014

The Makahiki season is upon us once again, as Waimanalo prepares for the arrival of Lono and our people offering Ho’okupu for the fifth time in as many years.  Yes, our fifth Makahiki!  Below you will find our event flyer, Presenter applications and a historical photo montage of our Makahiki.  Our past and our Kupuna have guided us down this path of preservation and we are proud of what we have accomplished.  E Komo Mai a me kako’o e Makahiki Waimanalo 2014.  Please email (Kui Mahoe) for more details.  We will be posting a full electronic application packet shortly, so stay in touch.

P1 Application_Practitioner_Demonstrator_10.30.14 click here

Photo_montage_Reflections__cg_09.15.14 click here for photo montage

R1-Brochure_2014 Waimānalo Makahiki_10.30.14  click here for Makahiki Brochure

R6 FAQ_Q&A_10.19.14 click here for Frequently asked questions

E1a Competitor Application (pre or on-line)_09.15.14 click here for early registration

E2 Game Practice Dates_09.15.14 click here for competition practice dates, times & site.

E3a Competition Registeration & Media Release (Onsite)_10.27.14 Click here for groups

There will be camping permits available for all participants and volunteers, on a first come first serve basis.  You must obtain your permits from our Makahiki committee, by contacting Kui Mahoe at the above email. or calling Kui at 386-6248.Please leave detailed contact information for our follow-up.

Mahalo nui loa Kakou,

Through the darkness, the gift of light shines

Each evening as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, this family found various ways to share the evening in darkness.  Often, food is a sought after item in the darkness, therefore all preparation had to be made during the daylight hours.  Hot meals are often rare, as preparation without electricity involves settling for canned, dry goods, or for the youngest family members, someone who could cook with the propane stove.  A life seemingly for the roughest of individuals, more often the lifestyle of children ages toddler to middle school.

This family had adjusted quite well to living in the powerless house. Until, members from the Waimanalo and Kailua communities learned of their living choices.  Through project “Giving Tree”, Cozy Christmas, the Castle Medical Center Outreach Ministries, the Clergy Coalition of Waimanalo, the Kailua Adventist Church, and an anonymous donor from the Waimanalo business community, this family experienced a Christmas like never before.

Sounds of Joy emanated from the darkened area’s of this home, as three trucks unloaded gifts for everyone in this family of 29.  This was on December 23rd.  By December 27, a generator was delivered to this family, as they all gathered around to give thanks for this bounty at Christmas.  The anonymous donor simply said “I read the post about this family and said to myself, I have a generator!”.  It was that day that Ho’olu’a received a call to meet with this donor and we learned of this generous gift.

Now you can hear the sounds of the families washer, see the glimmer of isolated lights in a once darkened and foreboding home.  One occupant was seen setting up the generator at the community luncheon on News Years Eve, to power lights and music for their give-back project.

The gift of light. Whether by generator or the thankful kindness in the beat of a heart, we pray that one day entire cities and the world will be powered by the lovingly renewable resources of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.  Amen


Family of 29 begins journey in service to others….

The gentle giant of a young native Hawaiian man, in his mid twenties, stood over me and said quietly “I don’t go to church, but I believe in Akua and I know that I carry his church in my heart”.  “I just know that I want to work at giving back to the community that has been kind and giving to my family for so many years”.  I am worried about our children and want to help make this place better for them”.  Can I help? If I come my boys will come too? (referring to a group of young men gathered in the shadows of the garage of a two story dwelling, that was in need of repair.

It is this home that has been without electricity for over a year, that is the living and gathering place for many close, distant, extended and hanai members, of a not so unusual Hawaiian Homestead ‘Ohana survival plan.  The average age of the near 30 occupants of this home is 22!  Clearly this can be the beginning of a research project, into the why, of such a gathering of our young, who are making ends meet with the tools and skills that they have learned to live by….

The ages may vary, the cultures and histories will differ and their family size may change, but the realization is that this situation exists in every community, and not just in the Hawaiian community.  It is sad however, when such conditions prevail in a culture that is so rich in land based assets, unabated.  Oh, I’ve heard the rebuttal to this condition, in terms of, why don’t they just stand up and get to work!  Work! the solution to the social ills of a beautiful people and culture, who once thrived, without the dismantling and disabling forces of civilization.

The family has allowed us to post photo’s of their initial effort to give to this community, in a way that is meaningful and Hawaiian.  This event took place on December 31, 2013 (New Years Eve) in Waimanalo Beach Park.  This family served approximately 70 individuals between 11:am and 3:pm.. An event that mirrored the efforts of so many churches and non-profit groups who are constantly delivering hot food to this special community.  Yes, they have made an effort to give back and would like to continue this work.  To the 29, we offer our prayers and support……Great Work!