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Blanch Pope Elementary School receives library makeover
Submitted by Sarah Yoro, Hawaii News Now Producer
Friday, February 18th, 3:50 pm
Blanch Pope Elementary School receives library makeover

This photo was taken on the day that the students of Blanche Pope Elementary school, were told of their receiving a Library makeover, from Target and the Heart of America Foundation.  As of April 15th, work began on the library, with the removal of existing shelving, books and furniture, to make room for the new library.  Volunteers from Target, along with community kokua from groups like the Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo, the Men’s Ministry, Ho’olu’a and Na Pono No Na ‘Ohana-Partners in Development Foundation, made the work go quickly.  Construction will begin the week of April 18th, and be completed for the dedication ceremonies.

May 23rd, 2011 has been designated for the formal dedication of the “new” Blanche Pope Elementary School library,  as the students, staff, families and community prepare to officially welcome and thank Target and Heart of America, for their generous donation.

This is an excerpt from an article by Sarah Yoro as posted on the Blanche Pope website, announcing the selection of Blanche Pope Elementary School:

[A school library makeover overjoyed students in Waimanalo on Friday. Target and The Heart of America Foundation announced that Blanche Pope Elementary School was the lucky recipient of its latest renovation. “The overall goal is to make the library the heart of the school. We want to make it compelling and attractive place to be. If you walk in this library right now, its not terrible, but most kids won’t want to be here, particularly,” The Heart of America Foundation chairman Bill Halamandaris said. Students and teachers are excited to be a part of the upcoming changes.