Hawaii Centers for Independent Living joins Ho’olu’a ‘Ohana

This is truly a year of building bridges to miracles, as the Hawaii Centers for Independent Living has joined the ever growing ‘Ohana of Ho’olu’a.  Chairman of the board Glenn Sawai has established a close working and strategic relationship with our organization, as stated by Anakala Roy, Chairman of Ho’olu’a.  Together we have re-assessed the needs of all persons with challenges to self-sustainability, and found a common thread that we can all build on.  The disabling conditions that hamper, interfere with, or prevent self -sustainability, and how we problem solve those challenges, remain the path that we share.  2012 marks the year where we at Ho’olu’a look to the power of those faced with the historic task of tearing down those barriers to self sustainability, and the leadership of those organizations that have supported the voices of all people, faced with these challenges.

We are blessed to have the Hawaii Centers for Independent Living, and the Affordable Housing & Homeless Alliance as partners, collaborators and ‘Ohana in this effort.  “If we can live and share Hawaiian values, then we must remain diligent in preserving their very existence and practice.”