Cozy Christmas 2012-a warm relationship with Castle Medical Center

On November 23, and November 29 we saw a warming of the relationship between Hoolua, the Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo and Castle Medical Center, through the CMC “Cozy Christmas” drive.  For several years now, Ho’olu’a has been able provide warmth, during the coldest time of year for our homeless families, on the beaches.

As darkness drew closer, I could see a little boy, not much more than 4 yrs of age, clutching  to a baby blanket, as the evening chill began to envelope the beach side community.  He looked cold, and he told you so. He hung on to his blanket, as if it warmed his entire body. But, I could see that it was far from adequate a source of warmth.

I opened the rear of my SUV, exposing a mountain of warm blankets.  His eyes lit up, as he said, over and over again, Blankets! Blankets! Blankets!  He scampered onto the bumper of my car, as this child reached for as many blankets as he could, saying “I going take one for my mommy!”.  “I going take one more for my mommy!”.  Then he ran off and returned with his mommy in tow.  This is the purpose of our relationships with families such as CMC. We can reach out, but without CMC we could not touch.

Let us give thanks to Ke Akua for this partnership with “Cozy Christmas”, Pauline Kalawaia and the Castle Medical Center ‘Ohana.

A year of Miracles….