Let’s kukakuka about where we live…..

Ho’olu’a will convene its second forum in January, which will address the housing concerns of the native Hawaiian within the community of Waimanalo.  In September of 2012 our forum convened to begin designing a strategy, that would address these concerns.  At that time we agreed that once we were over with the holiday season and its events, we would resume duscussions on houselessness and the native Hawaiian, in Waimanalo.

Please contact Hoolua, if you would like to participate in this forum.

Forum members:

Kahu Roy Brooks-Hoolua & the Gathering Place of Gods Ministries

Kahu Paul Akau-Kupuna church

Nancy Cullen-Windward Homeless Coalition, board of directors

Suresh Tamang-Doctoral Candidate, U. of Hawaii school of social work

Rod Tam-former senator and city councilman

Keep in touch with Hoolua.org as we keep you posted on meeting times and sites.

A hui hou,

Unko Roy,Chairman