The Giving Tree and Cozy Christmas 2012

December 19th began with 3 SUV loads of gifts for needy and homeless families in the Waimanalo community.  What a bountiful and blessed experience, to be gainfully employed by “God’s work and delivery service”. That’s a catchy name for his delivery and messenger service.  The day began too late to make deliveries on the 19th, so we put delivery off to the 20th.  By 8:am we were on the road with our first load of gifts, which is a partnership with the Castle Medical Center outreach ministries, and Ho’olu’a.  With our destinations set, we made our first delivery by 9:am.  By 8:00 pm Thursday evening we were making our final delivery to the houseless on the beaches in Waimanalo.

The unique thing about this relationship with Castle Medical, is that they are also our partner with “Cozy Christmas”, where they collect warm blankets and socks for the houseless.  With a car load of blankets and socks, we made our last distribution of warm and fuzzies by 10:pm.  What an awesome time for the work of Ke Akua.

Our night was not quite over yet, as we made a special delivery, at the request of Kupuna church’s Kahu Paul Akau.  We delivered a brand new 8′ X 9′ dome tent to a lone female houseless resident at the beach park.  She had been in the park for a week, and was in need of this temporary housing.  This person named ‘K’, was the first recipient of our temporary housing project. (tents of course).  Partners in this housing effort are: Ho’olu’a, Castle Medical Center outreach ministries, Windward Homeless Coalition, Na Pono No Na Ohana, Partners in Development Foundation, Inc, and the Waimanalo ministries