27 Pass historic milestone…..

A year passed by very quietly, challenged at every bend. But, 27 students persevered with the vigilance and diligence of their peers and guides, both physically and spiritually.  Last night in the Waimanalo Community Based High School Diploma Program class, at Blanche Pope Elementary school, the response was far from quiet, when the results were read.  All 27 who took the final CBHSDP, Mastery Examination, PASSED!!!!!!.  A somber group of individuals who joined together a year ago, to seek an end to an elusive goal, that had evaded them for many years.  Gathered in raucous cheers and hugs, as they had come together as one family to celebrate their accomplishment.  What a joyous moment, indeed. Ho’olu’a is proud to say that we played a vital role in how this all played out.  Not nearly the end of a journey, but really the beginning of a new life for all 27.

We thank the prayers of all, along with their guts and determination, for this was truly an effort guided by Akua, as we can now plan to continue this support for a very clear path in the lives of all 27 students.  Ho’olu’a has offered and administered assistance to all students within this program, as they need to complete another phase of the graduation requirements, and that is with 100 hours of work or community service verification.

We give thanks to the following partners for making this journey with us:

Na Pono No Na Ohana-Waimanalo…..Partners In Development Foundation…..Blanche Pope Elementary School…..Windward School for Adults…..Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo…..Ka Po’e O Waimanalo and above all, we give thanks to Akua, for guiding all who seek…..

Unko Roy