29 in one house, and they all agree to sacrifice…..

2013 has been a long, very long year for one very large and needy family living under the same roof in our community.  As the Giving Tree project took shape, and neared Christmas, there was little to be said about what each member of this very large family wanted for Christmas.  As their wish list moved from one to another in the circle gathered in the from yard, they listed items that were necessities, leaving the more extravagant  choices to the young children gathered in the same circle.  When the list was done, most adults were asking for pillows, blankets, clothing or food.  While the children were asking for new shoes, or bicycles from Santa.

In all, 29 requested some special gift for Christmas. But, when asked if they could have one gift, that the entire family could use, what would that be, and would they opt to have that item for Christmas instead of their personal choices?  All the adults shared that the one thing that the house needed was a generator, because they have been without electricity for over a year.  The generator would allow them to wash their clothes, which is a monumental task, that is done almost daily.

It was collectively understood that if they chose the generator, they would probably give up their chances to receive personal gift items, under the Giving Tree spending ceiling.  On Christmas Eve, we delivered four truck loads of toys, Bicycles, blankets, pillows and other personal items to this family of 29.  This was an unexpected miracle.  The family of 29 gave up for others, and received much, much more.  We are still shopping for that needed generator, with monies that were donated from members of our clergy coalition, Ho’olu’a, the Castle Medical Center outreach ministries and the Kailua Adventist church. Thee miracles occur every day, and you can see them too…….just call us and join in!

Oh! did we leave out that this family is now planning to host a New Years Eve 2013 luncheon for needy families, in the park.  We of course will be assisting with providing some of the food, but they are doing all the planning, cooking and work.  This is their first project in a new effort called Community Pay it forward.  As the blessing rebound…….and we witness God’s Work, at Work! Amen

Yes! come and have lunch with the family in the park. Waimanalo Beach Park. On New Years Eve 2013 at Noon.  It’s just their way of saying Mahalo to their neighbors, friends and Ohana for having faith in humankind and our resilient efforts to overcome, in all adversity. It just takes time, Gods time….Oh servants…Amen!!!