Said the shepherd boy to the mighty …………..Do you know what I need?

Then there was the family with the little boy who came to ask if we could give them food, because they had none at home………….We took the little boy home to his families camp site, where we found his mother in tears.  She said that the Police had just informed them that they had to leave the beach immediately, and since their truck was not working, it would be towed away and all of their personal items would be confiscated.

Redirected, the little boys mother quickly corrected him and said that they just got their food stamps, so every thing was OK again.  But, clearly she was in anguish, as she stood over her mound of personal items, that they had quickly tossed into the back of their truck, that was not working.  This was her final act of defiance, to show that she could attempt to make things better for her three children and aging father, who all lived together at this site in Waimanalo.

Within a few minutes of our arrival, Akua was at work, as within an hour we had found a safe alternate site for this family, and a helpful tow wagon driver who moved their truck to this safe site.  Another call later, a community volunteer arrived with her truck to assist with moving all of this families belongings to the alternate site.  We left the family, as she quietly said “I will find a house, soon”.

Three weeks later, this little boy found me and said “We got a house and we are moving in around Christmas”.  Excitement filled his every word and expression.  Well as miracles would have it, two days before Christmas we were blessed with a truck load of Christmas gifts for this family, which included a new Bike for this little shepherd boy. But, its not over yet.  As Santa would have it, we learned that their truck was still broken and they could not move their household items into their new home. So, we saddled up the reindeer and headed off to fulfill a prayer from a little shepherd boy…….His prayers answered ours…Merry Christmas to all.