Ending Hunger Together-Hawaii

A week ago we received, in our community enough food to feed the multitudes, and the multitudes we fed during our regular outreach projects, which included Hali’i Kalikimaka 2013.  A new found alliance in food distribution,  will be a lasting blessing for our entire community.  We are blessed to have been involved in project planning, that will allow us to deliver food to the communities of families, who struggle to put food on their tables daily, in spite of being employed.  We are prayerful that this collective effort to stave off hunger in families with children and Kupuna living under the same roof, are here to stay.

Does this sound familiar? Dad has a full time job, Mom has two part-time jobs, and they have four children ages 4 to 12 yrs.  The rent is paid, the electricity is paid, the water is paid and the car gas tank is filled every week. But, not so the tummies of their 4 children, who don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch, but must often settle for less or very little, on their dining table, or in their lunch bags.

We need to reach deeper into our communities, to reduce the hunger pains with our Keiki and Kupuna.  Please join our ‘Ohana in this effort to end hunger together.