Po’e Waimanalo New Logo

GetAttachment (6)As the result of the work of many, work has begun with the creation of a new Waimanalo Po’e Logo, that we hope one day will represent the thoughts and deeds of the many.  The logo shown at left best describes the numerous mana’o of the name Waimanalo.  Knowing that it has a meaning of “Potable Water”, we are also aware that it has a much deeper meaning, which is that of “Hidden waters”.  It is from this mana’o that this logo was designed.  As Ho’olu’a endeavors to reach out to all of our community, with plans to support engagement at all levels, we will use this deeper meaning and logo, to mark the work that has been planned or accomplished.  Please join us, the Po’e as we build into this deeper meaning of Waimanalo.  As depicted in this logo, we have included the mountains, which provide the Wai, through the hidden streams, that lead to the Kai.  As these hidden streams reach the Kahakai, we can understand the deeper and profound richness that our waters provide to its people, as it secretly and hidden from site, works its way to the shore.

As a child growing up in Waimanalo, I remember fishing and diving along the Kahakai, and when thirsty, I could find one of these hidden and icy cold springs, on the ocean floor.  I could dive down to this spring and refresh myself with fresh mountain spring water.

Mahalo to the Public Relations firm of Lagrange and Associates for helping finalize this logo, and helping with the branding efforts associated with this new look.  You will begin to see this emblem on many of the projects associated with Ho’olu’a and its partners.  Please understand that this logo does not represent any organization, but more the people and thoughts of this community.