Waimanalo Kupuna History Digital Library Project…..

On December 20, 2013 we re-lived Hali’i Kalikimaka for the 5th straight year, and its experience did not disappoint.  The sound of children’s laughter and joy filled the evening air, along with the sounds of excitement, as families took home prize after prize, during the Bingo Tournament and Treasure hunt give-away’s.  If you stole away to the school library, you discovered yet another layer of excitement, that brought tears t your eyes.  That was the sound of children once again, meeting and receiving from Papa and Mama Kalikimaka.  Of course there was also the anxious activity of children diving through the Christmas tree size mound of stuffed animals, as they found their favorite, to take home with them.

Quietly, sequestered in the rear of the library you found a group of Kupuna, waiting their turn at having their history recorded, in digital format, as part of a new and developing project to create a historical library of Kupuna stories, that will be accessible to our students and community.  We are grateful to the Habilitat Production Company for offering their production services to preserve this legacy for and within our community.

We are hopeful that this information will be available for viewing access by students and community in the near future.  We will work with our school to determine how this will best happen.