Through the darkness, the gift of light shines

Each evening as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, this family found various ways to share the evening in darkness.  Often, food is a sought after item in the darkness, therefore all preparation had to be made during the daylight hours.  Hot meals are often rare, as preparation without electricity involves settling for canned, dry goods, or for the youngest family members, someone who could cook with the propane stove.  A life seemingly for the roughest of individuals, more often the lifestyle of children ages toddler to middle school.

This family had adjusted quite well to living in the powerless house. Until, members from the Waimanalo and Kailua communities learned of their living choices.  Through project “Giving Tree”, Cozy Christmas, the Castle Medical Center Outreach Ministries, the Clergy Coalition of Waimanalo, the Kailua Adventist Church, and an anonymous donor from the Waimanalo business community, this family experienced a Christmas like never before.

Sounds of Joy emanated from the darkened area’s of this home, as three trucks unloaded gifts for everyone in this family of 29.  This was on December 23rd.  By December 27, a generator was delivered to this family, as they all gathered around to give thanks for this bounty at Christmas.  The anonymous donor simply said “I read the post about this family and said to myself, I have a generator!”.  It was that day that Ho’olu’a received a call to meet with this donor and we learned of this generous gift.

Now you can hear the sounds of the families washer, see the glimmer of isolated lights in a once darkened and foreboding home.  One occupant was seen setting up the generator at the community luncheon on News Years Eve, to power lights and music for their give-back project.

The gift of light. Whether by generator or the thankful kindness in the beat of a heart, we pray that one day entire cities and the world will be powered by the lovingly renewable resources of Love, Forgiveness and Compassion.  Amen