Hali’i Kalikimaka 2013-a Po’e Festival

Hali’i Kalikimaka 2013, Our 5th Annual festival,,,,,,Soon you will see all you need to know about Hali’i on this webpage. Soon the following Hali’i features will appear here. So come back and learn more about how this event will engage everyone:

When: December 20, 2013 Friday (Last day of school before winter break)

Where: Blanche Pope Elementary School, 41-133 Huli Street

Contact: Unko Roy @ 699-5888

What will be going on?

  • Kupuna Respite Center: An exclusive venue for our Kupuna, where they can rest from the excitement of Hali’i, to talk story, play table games, share their histories by leaving a lifetime snapshot digital recording of their family history (more details will be made available). Soothing music, sing alongs and ukulele playing.  Prizes and surprises abound in this special center, where you will be carded to prove you’re young enough to gain entry. Activities in this room will be supported/emceed by our own Leina’ala Kalama Heine and Aunty Niki Hines
  • On stage live entertainment
  • Emcee Kut Master Spaz & and own Maynard B. Koa, President of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo
  • Community Bingo on our outdoor theater screen
  • Door Prizes
  • Keiki Ornament Parade-Decorate your child and stroller to parade around on the grounds for a chance to win the 2013 Keiki Parade award.
  • Movies for the little ones
  • Educational centers that focus on Science, Math, Reading, and technology
  • A Mini Makahiki
  • First time Photography with Papa Kalikimaka, with Green Screen Hawaii. A state of the art system that allows for seasonal multiple choice back ground scenery for every picture.  Pictures will be ready in seconds with a special frame and other surprises. Remember that these photo’s are FREE…..
  • Papa Kalikimaka will greet each family for photo’s and be handing out gifts to each family, and goodies to all the Keiki.
  • Information booths will surround the campus with active and engaging activities for all participants. Just a couple of requirements: 1) You must participate and engage with vendor as a family, and 2) The vendor must engage your family with fun and excitement.
  • PRE-REGISTRATION: Hali’i 2013 will be offering Pre-Registration to all who wish to attend this years event.  We will be posting a registration form on this website, as well as be sending out registration forms through our community schools, churches, businesses and organizations.
  • FOOD as always is absolutely FREE
  • Root Beer Float stand will be returning by popular demand
  • Ice Cream and Cake served up by Bubbies Ice Cream
  • FUNDRAISING is limited to 100% donation of all proceeds to Blanche Pope Elementary School
  • Join the Blanche Pope Elementary School Parent Teachers Organization who will be recruiting members, to add to their communities growth and success
  • And There’s much more…………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lot’s of Parking and designated parking for Vendors and Informationals.

Stay in touch for more information………………………….


This is the information page for all Hali’i Kalikimaka 2013 inquiries and questions.  Please click on the below to view documents.  Please refer any inquiries to hungryhawaiian@msn.com and Unko Roy.

Vendor-presenter application    Halii Liability waiver 9-24-13  Halii poster with Joe Aragon art



Unko Roy