HO’OLU’A is a Hawai’i non-profit organization of native Hawaiian’s with disabilities, brought together by the desire to identify, initiate, support and incubate creative ideas and projects, as a charitable effort to promote initiatives in science, technology, medicine, agriculture, environment, cultural arts, languages and practices of native Hawaiian’s, persons with disabilities and those facing barriers to self-sustainable & Independent living, to better equip this group, as we foster and encourage their participation in community based employment, educational, career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

1) To create, fund, promote, support and/or otherwise facilitate programs, projects and services to the Kanaka Maoli, our communities, it’s individuals, and/or specific focus groups that face barriers to self-sustainable or independent living.

2) To provide a forum, or method that supports the networking capacities of our partners, stakeholders and focus groups, to facilitate the provision of all services that are consistent with the mission and vision of Ho’olu’a.

3) To educate public and private sector policy makers of the need to sustain community based employment, education, career and entrepreneurial opportunities that are consistent with the mission and vision of Ho’olu’a.  Contact at #699-5888 or email: hungryhawaiian@msn.com

It’s Executive Board:

Kahu Roy Brooks-Chairman                       Glenn Sawai-Vice Chair

Kahu Paul Akau-2nd Vice Chair                Kuulei Laughlin-Chief Financial Officer